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Lorenzo Gonzales

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Education PD Specialist
Los Alamos, NM
Dr. Lorenzo Gonzales, a professional staff developer with the Northern New Mexico Math and Science Academy, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), is a recognized master teacher. He has years of experience as a New Mexico K-12 educator and teacher professional development specialist with Santa Fe Community College and Northern New Mexico College. Dr. Gonzales is also an innovative teacher honored by LANL, state, and national organizations for his leadership in classroom technology integration, devotion to education, and expertise in teaching science and elementary mathematics to teachers and pre-service teacher. He holds an earned doctorate in curriculum and instruction with a minor in Educational Management and Administration from New Mexico State University, 2004.

My personal and professional interests lie in mathematics and the sciences; in fact, they overlap with my other interests, neuroscience, cognition and creativity. I have great curiosity about how one learns and creates, and how they apply to my professional and personal lives. For instance, I have taken many drawing and painting classes at Santa Fe Community College as well as studied the foundational aspects of elementary mathematics through professional development programs, brain and learning conferences, classes, online videos, extensive readings and teaching pre-service teachers at Northern New Mexico Community College.