The 2018 MidSchoolMath National Conference is underway! Registered attendees can log in to access their schedule and provide session feedback!

Looking for Session Handouts? Find the Conference Dropbox at http://bit.ly/MidSchoolMath2018

Save the Date: Join us in Santa Fe on March 1-2, 2019!
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** Note: Session Sign-up for Registered Attendees will open on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.**

For more information about the 2018 MidSchoolMath National Conference: 
Please visit our website at www.midschoolmathnationalconference.com for online registration, contact information, complete FAQ and more. If you don't find the answer to your question in this FAQ or on the Conference website, please reach out! Contact us at conference@midschoolmath.com or call 575-737-8446!

For information on traveling to Santa Fe, NM and the Santa Fe Community Convention Center: 
Please visit the Location section of www.midschoolmathnationalconference.com for travel information and recommendations, including MidSchoolMath attendee discount codes for our featured hotels. Guests staying at featured hotels can walk to the Convention Center each day. Paid parking is available in the Convention Center garage for local attendees; directions can be found on this same website.

To create your agenda for the 2018 MidSchoolMath National Conference:

Session sign-up will open on Tuesday, January 2, 2018. 

All attendees registered prior to January 2 will receive an email with information on how to activate your account, log into the schedule and sign up for sessions on Tuesday, January 2. Attendees who register on or after January 2 will receive schedule access within 2-3 business days of registering.

As the activation invitation message comes through an automated email system via SCHED, please make sure to check your "spam" or "promotions" folders for this message. You may wish to add the email address notifications@sched.org to your contacts to make sure your access invitation and other conference announcements sent through the schedule system are delivered to your primary inbox.

Once your account is activated, you can select the sessions you’d like to add to your schedule and create your own personal agenda for the 2018 MidSchoolMath National Conference! You can add sessions in several ways, either by clicking on the circle next to the session name so it changes to a check-mark or by clicking on the “add to my sched” button on the session description pages. Please remember to select only one session per time period! (For complete details on setting up your account and personalized agenda, check out the Sched Guide for Attendees!)

If you are attending with a group of colleagues from your school or district, we encourage you to divide and concur! When you separate out, you can attended a wider number of different sessions during each time slot. After the conference, you can share notes, handouts and lesson ideas, bringing the broadest range of resources back to your school!

Trying to decide which concurrent sessions to attend? Here’s what you’ll want to know:

The Conference Schedule includes daily keynotes and your choice of six concurrent sessions. You'll select three Master Classes (sessions that are 75 minutes long) and three Cafe Sessions (sessions that are 45 minutes long) for your personalized agenda. Selecting your concurrent sessions in advance ensures that you can attend sessions that are interesting and relevant for you.

There are four types of sessions: Deeper Learning & Mathematical Thinking; Effective Feedback and Assessment; Engage and Explore; and Math Story Projects. Many sessions may touch on two or more of these topics, but have been identified by the session type that most strongly relates to them. The color-coded types offer you an easy way to find the sessions that are of most interest to you. Within each type, sessions are classified into one of four sub-types to help you identify the goal of the session: Introduction, Deeper Dive, Shares a Lesson and Planning and Preparation. 

When selecting a session, make sure to read the session description and the session keywords listed at the bottom of the session. Keywords can help you determine if this session will be of interest to you. You can then click on the keyword to see what other sessions are being offered that address that particular topic or content area. You can also search to see all sessions with that particular keyword.

For example, if you teach students who are english language learners and want to see all sessions that specifically address or discuss working with ELLs, go to the Sched Search field located in the right-hand column on your screen, under the icons. Search for "English Language Learners" and sched will show you all the sessions with that keyword. 

Session descriptions also highlight the grade levels that is most relevant or touched on throughout the topic. As with keywords, you can click on the grade level and see other sessions at that grade level. Just  remember, this is provided as a loose or general guide -- many sessions feature lessons or focus on content that can easily be adapted or are relevant for other grades! 

What if a session I want fills? What if it says I'm on a Wait List when I sign up for a session? 

MidSchoolMath strives to offer a smaller, more personable conference experience, with session rooms that range in size from 40 to 120 people. You'll see that some of the most popular sessions are offered twice to ensure that more attendees can experience them! However, because of our intentionally smaller room sizes, popular sessions can still fill quickly. We'll do our best on our end to adjust rooms and encore spots to ensure that the popular sessions are as accessible as they can be!

If a session you want to attend is full, you can opt to add it to your schedule anyways. This will add you to the Wait List. If we are able to increase session capacity, or another attendee withdraws from the session, attendees at the top of the waitlist will be placed in the session.

If seats are added or other attendees cancel, you'll move from the waitlist into the attendee list. However, seats may not become available in all sessions - so if there's another session you are also interested in attending, you might sign up for that instead! If you prefer to find another session to attend, you'll want to remove the waitlisted session from your schedule so you can sign up for a different session in that time slot.

If you opt to stay on the waitlist, you can check back periodically to see if your status has changed. If you are far enough down on the waitlist that it is unlikely you can be placed in the session, we will notify you via Sched, a few weeks out from the conference, and encourage you to identify another session you would like to attend.

How do I know what I signed up to attend? Can I change my schedule? 

You can log-back into SCHED at any time to review your schedule, change your schedule or review session descriptions. Plan to finalize your schedule by Wednesday, February 21.

While at the Conference, you'll receive a daily email from SCHED with your personalized agenda each morning! You can also access SCHED easily from your smartphone or tablet - check out the Sched Guide for Attendees for detailed directions if you need them! 

Still have questions? Concerns? Need more information? 

Contact us at conference@midschoolmath.com or call 575-737-8446!